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Myelophone crystal in a black case.

Myelophone (from the Greek μυελός "brain" + φωνή "sound, voice, noise") is a fictional device, a device for understanding voices and animal sounds

Myelophone outwardly looks like a small black rectangular camera case, inside of which there is a transparent crystal consisting of several segments, which serves as a thought "amplifier".

There is only one crystal - a large colorless hyperselenite, which is very rare in nature.

Structurally, the device is an electronic amplifier with a receiver. It is carried in a black leather case, similar to a camera case, with a narrow strap. Myelophone is described as a small device with headphones and wires. Myelofon is a box with a large transparent crystal, which at the moment of receiving and transmitting thoughts shimmers with all the colors of the rainbow and produces an iridescent melodic sound.

Myelofon, developed in the professor's laboratory for use in scientific and medical purposes.

Crystals can capture sounds as well as biological currents of the brain of a living being (including animals and thinking plants) and transmit its thoughts to the operator working with the device. The range is up to ten meters. The condition for the myelofon to work is the presence of sounds and thoughts in the brain of the subject.

Using the device, you can listen to your own thoughts, which sound completely different from what they sound like "from within." You can also read the minds of robots. Myelophone is also used in medicine when it is necessary to make an accurate diagnosis, because people often cannot explain in words what and how they hurt, and animals cannot talk at all. It is also used in the treatment of "mental" patients.

There are only twenty Myelophones. One myelofon for reading the thoughts of animals was allocated for the zoo.

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