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Wooden house assembly in Poland in 11 days

Wooden house assembly in Poland in 11 days  All preliminary works are done. The area for country real estate biulding and design are chosen, wooden house project is worked out, components of timber are ready for assembling. The building process starts.

Wooden timber is installed on a foundation that was built beforehand. Placed on a foundation wooden timber has to settle some time, during which the process of shrink takes place. It's duration is between 6 and 12 months. Wooden blockhouse of timber of a natural humidity could shrink between 40 and 80 mm during the year, exactly therefore it's early to install windows and doors in it, and to build bridgings.

After that windows and doors, floors, partitions and roof are installed in a wooden blockhouse. It's very important stage of a wooden house building, because all these components determine not just external appearance of a building, but the security too.

All wooden cottage building and it's parts installation works are performed by qualified brigades, consisted of experienced workers. Brigades are equiped with everything necessary for the wooden blockhouse building, including proffessional MAKITA and BOSH equipment, that is known for security and usability.
Building works are performed during the whole year, and the control of building quality - every working day. An inspection is carried out by the manager of a project and by the design engineer, who has been performing the design of wooden house.

Thanks to accurate preliminary valuatoin, exactness of wooden details preparation, well organized work of our brigades, "Archiline" Ltd guarantees an acceptable wooden house building period, that doesn't exceed 7-30 days.

Wooden house installation in Poland 11 days:

First day: First floor installation

Fifth day: Second floor installation

Sixth day: frame of roof installation

Eleventh day: the house is assembled.

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