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Electricity in a wooden house

Electricity in a wooden house  Special attention to a wooden houses electricity and power supply system is given on a designing stage. Wooden house electricity supply project is a special document that allows you to answer important questions:
How much electricity is needed for a wooden house?
What are the characteristics of electricity and power supply system in a wooden house, including its safety maintenance.

You will need to pre-determine the amount of light in the house, the location of appliances, to identify additional points of electrical connections, as well as to take into account the landscape design and street lighting. You should also know the power of electricity allocated to your cottage from the local substation.

Making a decision to start construction of the suburban real estate, you can admire the typical wooden house design project, or you can order individual project of your future wooden house.

The following electricity and power system dispatch list has to be done during the construction of wooden house:
* Installation of electric service panels at different levels of complexity;
* Installation of low voltage systems;
* Installation of vision-based inspection system, fire and security alarm systems;
* Installation of motion sensors;
* Installation time relays;
* Installation of external networks;
* Installation of electical ground.
To ensure that your wooden home of logs, of profiled timber or of laminated veneer lumber meets all safety requirements, as well as a cosy and warmness, we kindly ask you to consider seriously the electricity and power supply system design.

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